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Sell Our Address Signs! Easy Retail System

Address Appear is proud to introduce our new Pre Paid Sign Program! Our Reflective Address Signs are now available for purchase via pre paid vouchers at specific retail locations. Simply scratch off the 16 digit "gift card" number to complete the order. Wholesale pricing is available for retailing these pre paid cards at your store or business. Please contact us if you would like more information on how to purchase these Pre Paid Address Signs. Free in store display included with minimum purchase.

Address Appear Manufacturing offers an easy way for your retail store to profit on our quality made reflective address signs. Now you can offer your customers the added safety of a reflective address sign that properly displays the home address with 4 inch numbers. The 4 inch numbers meet the local fire code requirements and also help police, delivery drivers locate the property.

Sell our “State of the Art” Reflective Address Signs. Just scan the barcode like any other item. We do the rest! Increases revenue! Fast & Easy!

Here is how the AA Retail Distributorship works:

Simply add a few simple countertop displays in your store and let your customers discover the super easy way to purchase (upgrade) their old/fading curb address numbers You can also put up a few posters to spark their interest. You may want to have an actual demo address sign on hand so the customer can know exactly what to expect when they place an order.

The address signs are sold to the stores at wholesale pricing in cases of 24. Simply mark up the price to the MSRP OF $59.95. The only thing you really have to do is ring up the transaction! Think of these address signs as gift cards, sold like any other product in your store, you simply scan the UPC code. It’s that simple! Address Appear Manufacturing will take care of the rest! (The customer simply scans QR Code on the retail card and completes their order)

The custom made address sign is shipped First Class Mail by USPS. Easy do it yourself installation takes less than 5 minutes and a typical order can be processed in just a few days!

Please use the special Faire link below to get started today! Take advantage of their special offers and start selling our address signs in your retail store. Increase your store’s revenue fast and easy… Join Address Appear Manufacturing today! Questions? Contact Us

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