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At Address Appear MFG, we specialize in providing your community the highest quality reflective address signs available in the entire home address sign industry. Our durable, State of the Art Reflective Address Signs are made from the finest quality materials available and all of our products are made in the USA.


Give your home, HOA, or Gated Community the added safety of a Reflective Curb Address by Address Appear Solutions.
High quality reflective curb address plates with 4 inch numbers. Includes easy installation. Greatly Improves your home address visibility both night and day.

The Importance of Small Business

    • Address Appear MFG. is proud to support small businesses, making it easier for government to meet the 23% socioeconomic goals.

    • Small business certifications include Service Disabled Veteran Owned, Minority Owned, Women Owned and Disadvantaged.

    • Small business is the backbone of the American economy with a high percentage of taxes paid coming from these companies.

    • Small businesses employ the majority of the U.S. workforce.

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There are many ways to offer and sell our address signs: 

The main thing is to know your market area and price accordingly. For example, if you are selling to a large community, you must be able to figure out what exactly you want to make ahead of time and adjust your offer, price per unit, or per job. (Always offer quantity discount) and also plan to make some easy money off of the installation, in most cases. We do not tell you exactly what price to sell, but we do give a few guidelines:

Marketing Basics:

First off, you need to decide how you are going to market the signs. Because you and your market area are unique, it may take you some time to figure out your marketing strategy. Depending on your customer list, you should be able to figure out what marketing and selling method works best for you. As an example, if you only going after big jobs, you may need to adjust the price accordingly. For example: If you are selling a large order, you may make less profit off the sale of the address signs, (by giving a quantity discount) but you can easily make $10 per house installing. Just be flexible and figure out what works best for you. However, selling just one address sign at a time basically allows you to mark it up perhaps to the full retail price of $59.95 This allows you to profit $35 on a single sale!* 

Below are a few basic examples on how to price and sell the reflective address signs:

SINGLE SALE Sell for full retail price of $59.95 $35 Profit each! (Suggestion: Offer FREE Installation*, this makes it very easy to sell!)

Retail Store-Door to Door-Pre-Paid Cards-Marketing Flyers etc.

SINGLE SALE Sell for full retail price of $59.95 plus charge $10 for 5 minute Installation. $45 Profit each. (Or offer SALE: $10 Off! $35 Profit each.)

Retail Store-Door to Door-Post Cards-Marketing Flyers etc.

QUANTITY DISCOUNT SALE* Sell at volume discount price $37.98 $13 profit each. Example: Sell 125 address signs x $13 profit each. = $1625 total.

HOAs-Gated Communities-RV Parks- Mobile Home Parks- Boat Marinas- Campgrounds etc. *Installation Optional.

**Profits are rounded up just a few cents for better overall illustration.

Installation Instructions

Installation is pretty easy overall! The main thing to remember is to “MAKE SURE THE CURB IS CLEAN” before using the peel and stick application tape. Always use a wire brush, (or stiff broom or brush). Get all dust and dirt away from area! Use a leaf blower or vacuum if possible. We recommend that you use LOCKTITE PL (Pro-Line) adhesive in addition to the Peel and Stick application. This is totally optional, but if you want to really make sure the sign is permanently attached, this is strongly recommended. The Peel and Stick tape will hold the address sign perfectly in place while the LOCTITE PL adhesive sets. You can charge extra for this professional installation process.

About our Product

Our reflective address signs are very well made using an aluminum composite material for added strength and durability in all weather conditions. The reflective vinyl is second to none and has a 10 year UV rating! We are using a matte black casted vinyl for the numbers and this material is also very durable to sunlight and moisture. Note: Damage to the address sign can occur if it is “smeared” by a vehicle tire. Simply replace as needed. (You can charge an additional fee for replacing damaged address signs.

How to Order

IMPORTANT: For large orders: Please contact us via the order form located in the Members Area or via this link: Please fill out the order form form completely before, or immediately after placing a large order. You will need to upload your address list via this form. You may also email this information to : Always feel free to use your distributor discount codes for single or multiple orders. You will need to use the discount codes to get discount pricing or order through Faire.

Sales & Marketing

There are many different ways to market and sell our reflective address signs. Depending on your resources, you can advertise locally in your area, or create a basic website, sell door to door, create simple postcards or flyers. You can also sell our Pre Paid address sign gift cards at swap meets, or perhaps you can sell at other events like tradeshows, fairs, arts and crafts, car shows etc. It is totally up to you to figure out your best selling options and what you feel most comfortable with. Please feel free to study our main landing page: for the most straight forward selling points and the main product features. Good luck to you! We hope you do well!


We are here for you! Please feel free to contact us via email: We will do our best to assist you, answer your questions and address your specific needs. As you know, you are in total control of how you wish to market and sell our reflective address signs. Since you are running your own business, we can only offer basic guidelines and suggestions. Please feel free to email us any feedback you may have for us to better serve you.


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